NB Chartered Communications | February – Connections and Collaborations

February – Connections and Collaborations

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February 28, 2018

Public relations is a funny old profession, people constantly asking is it about ‘getting your face in the paper’, is it ‘publicity’ and whilst media relations is one of the many ways of promoting our clients, public relations is not always just about media coverage!

We were busy in February plotting and planning, making connections and collaborating, meeting new people and discussing potential new ventures.

Nicola thinks the beauty of being an independent practitioner means she can choose with whom to collaborate and when.

She has been working behind the scenes this month with a client to organise a major conference later in the spring and has been assisting with the marketing of youth sports for another.

Nicola has also been negotiating with sponsors and potential partners for clients that are hosting community and consumer events later in the year.

And she has been burning the midnight oil to submit award entries – congratulations to Sugar Rush Creative on having both entries for the DANI Awards shortlisted and to Hillmount on being shortlisted for several Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council business awards. Roll on awards night on 23 March!