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March – Springing into March

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March 31, 2018

March roared in like a lion with Nicola helping international financial powerhouse Danske Bank with the activation of their youth sports sponsorship spanning gaelic, rugby and soccer. Finals of three tournaments were scheduled for the St Patrick’s Day Bank Holiday on 19 March and, while the sun shone briefly, Nicola attended the Schools Rugby final for the first time in 35 years since her school reached the final and won in 1983.

The proof of any project is in the delivery so it’s always heartening when a client describes working with Nicola as ‘a dream’.

Nicola and her husband Ian were invited to support the owners of Hillmount at the Lisburn & Castlereagh City Business Awards hosted by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. Named finalists in business person of the year, best tourism business, best non-licensed eating establishment and best business family business, Nicola was hopeful that they might walk away with one award under their arm after a very entertaining evening in La Mon Hotel.

Nicola was thrilled, delighted, excited and all those other over-used adjectives PRs use when Hillmount won the award for the best non-licensed eating establishment and family business of the year. A real testament to the welcome customers and diners receive from the Mercer family and their staff on arrival at the garden centre in the Castlereagh Hills.

Congratulations and well deserved!

Bloom Magazine: Delicious Double Recognition for Hillmount Garden Centre at Lisburn Business Awards

Schools across Mid Ulster were invited to participate in a project managed by Lough Neagh Partnership and funded by Heritage Lottery to showcase poetry penned by schoolchildren. The winning poem of the ‘My Place Within the Landscape’ project was written by a student at St Mary’s, Clady.

Love Belfast: St Mary’s Clady Wins ‘My Place in the Landscape’ Award

Aaron McGahon, Year 10; St Mary’s

This Farming Life
Silage season (stanza 1)
One bright morning at the break of dawn
At the start of silage season
My brother, dad and I
Got up early to get started at the silage.
When we started up the tractors and the harvester
You could hear the roar of the engine.
It sounded like the incredible hulk.
When we were out in the field there was a
Sweet smell of silage, sweet like honey.
I remember my Granda he loved to be out in the open air,
The sound of his voice the chuckle of his laughter,
He could never be replaced but my dog digger
Fills the empty seat.

Autumn (stanza 2)
One misty morning at the start of Autumn
The air was as cold as ice when it hit off our faces.
I went into the cow field. The first thing I saw
Was Charlie the bull.
A bull with horns, an off white beast.
I look at him and I see a gentle giant.
We start to feed our cows and calves.
They run like lightening across the field
to get the food. It smelt very sweet. It was dirty.
It felt like cut grass. It’s amazing to see all the wee
calves growing up.

The Winter months (stanza 3)
The winter months
One icy morning in the middle of winter.
All the cows are finally in.
It’s cold outside.
My brother my dad and I went out to feed the cows.
The cows are sad.
The atmosphere is tense they trod slowly to get their feed.
I find a mother that had a late calve.
They both were dead.
Lost friends.


Just in time for the start of spring, Glenarm Castle announced the launch of their new season with the opening of Northern Ireland’s only fudge factory.

Larne Times: New Glenarm Castle Attraction Will Keep Visitors Sweet

And Paddington will be making an exclusive appearance at Glenarm Castle during Bloomfest which runs from 5 to 7 May, www.glenarmcastle.com

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